Paradise: Rewired

In Paradise: Rewired, video recording becomes a vehicle for empirical observation as the artist wanders aimlessly throughout the back roads of Mato Grosso. There is no production team or script, only a very old map and the cameraman eager to register his experiences and observations while searching for signs of paradise. He is in search of the Garden of Eden in the center of South America as described by Antonio de Leon Pinelo in 1650. Thus, the artist constructs a space of thought in which chronological time overlaps with the timelessness of myth, memory, literature, and stream of consciousness. Paying homage to Chris Marker's seminal film Sans Soleil, the video explores the phenomenological dimension of the filmic act, an instance in which the camera disrupts the unfolding of events to create an interactive space with those caught within and outside the frame, an instance the artist calls "the filmic event" as the specific awareness of being represented casts those involved into the realm of performance.

Paradise: Rewired is concerned with the constitution of the symbolic order, the archive of nature, the semiotics of color, the distinctions between the modalities of the visible and of the audible, the signifying power of mimetic representation and the synchronic articulation of multiple narrative modes and voices. Behind such a construct lays an attempt at what Umberto Eco defined as the search for the perfect language referring to the numerous historical attempts to reconstruct the language spoken by God, Adam and Eve, and the animals in the Garden.